School community

Community is integral to the school culture at Glenn Arbour Academy. We foster community minded citizenship, classrooms of inclusion as well as rich and diverse learning relationships among our community of learners.
Our fun and exciting school initiatives extend outside of the classroom to include members of our parent and family community, celebrating the achievements and learning journey of our family of students. 


School events serve as a vital avenue for fostering engagement within our school community. Through these events, we highlight student accomplishment, showcase their talents, and celebrate their educational journey. Furthermore, school social events provide families with opportunities to bond, form relationships, and cultivate meaningful connections. As such, these events are thoughtfully planned throughout the academic year, promoting a sense of celebration and community among GAA families.

school events


Being a part of the Glenn Arbour Academy community doesn't just end after you graduate. Our alumni are some of the best examples of success at Glenn Arbour Academy!
They demonstrate their commitment to the community by volunteering, providing presentations to students and participating in school events. Our alumni are well-prepared for success in their secondary school careers and beyond. We always love welcoming former students back – it's amazing to be able to celebrate their success!